Monitoring Evaluation and Internal Vigilance

Chief Conservator of Forests (Monitoring, Evaluation and Internal Vigilance) is supported by Conservator of Forests (Human Resource Development), Deputy Conservator of Forests (Evaluation), Dy. CF (Research & Training), Statistical Officer, (ACF) and other ministerial staff.

Monitoring & Evaluation of different Projects & Schemes

This wing deals with matters relating to Forest Statistics, Forest Area, Forest Road, Forest Status Report, Economic Survey Report, Annual Administration Reports, Forest Settlement and consolidation works, Monitoring of Assembly and Parliamentary Questions, matter related to Forest Survey of India, Dehradun & Monitoring of Field verification works like I.D Points given by FSI Dehradun, assisting in preparation of data base on DLC records. This section also monitors the Tour Diaries of DFOs and co-ordinate the visit of various committees of State Assembly and Parliament.

Monitoring & Evaluation of different Projects & Schemes

This wing deals with Monitoring and Evaluation of Plantations under different Projects & Schemes like State Plan, 13 FC, CAMPA: The Monitoring & Evaluation Cell, at present, is functioning in the office of the PCCF, Odisha with one Dy. Conservator of Forests (Evaluation) and One Deputy Ranger (Evaluation) under the supervision of Conservator of Forests (HRD) and control of Chief Conservator of Forests (ME & IV). After receipt of the list of the plantation activities allotted to different Divisions from the Chief Conservator of Forests (PP & A) and Addl. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (CAMPA) the monitoring and evaluation works are taken up on randomly selection basis adhering to certain feasible percentage of area.

  • Evaluation of planting activity in the 2nd year with reference to the achievement of the targeted area, boundary verification, posting of the pillars, and delineation of 4 ha plots, etc.
  • Evaluation of the plantation with reference to species suitability, height growth of the seedlings, percentage of survival, impact of Entry Point Activity, General observation on the growing stock of the plantation with reference to the protection from grazing and fire etc.

Celebration of different ceremonies & Publication of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on the occasion of special days like World Forestry Day (21st March), International Earth Day (22nd April), World Day to combat Desertification and drought (17th June), Van Mahotsava (1st Week of July) are also an important task of this section. Matters related to Forest Policy, approval of Tours of Regional Chief Conservator of Forests / Chief Conservator of Forests / Conservator of Forests, supply of Government Diary / Calendar and issue of Secretariat Pass, matters related to the All India Forest Sports meet and State Forest Sports meet are also handled in This wing.