Joint Forest Management

Implementation of Joint Forest Management Programme

In realizing the need for community participation in forest protection, the Govt. of Odisha was the pioneer to adopt a policy of JFM even before implementation of National Forest Policy, 1988 (w.e.f. 2.10.1988) in the country and initiated a step to involve the people in protection of Reserved forests adjoining their villages with assigning specific roles and in return granting certain concessions (under section 24 of the Odisha Forest Act1972) for meeting their bonafide requirement of firewood and small timbers through Resolution No. 10F (Pron) – 47/88/7240 FFAH dated 1st August 1988 and sought community participation for protection, regeneration and management of the forest wealth widening the scope of employment generation and social empowerment of the forest-fringe dwellers. With the changing scenario of Forest Management, increasing awareness among people and experiences gained from the past management practices, such resolution on JFM, was revised and amended periodically latest on 2011 and 2015 respectively in adding several points, like inclusion of villages located within the National Park/ Sanctuaries as well as adjacent to the same for protection and management of the wildlife and habitat and covering the Reserve Forests and Protected forests, Village forests and Revenue forests having crown density of less than 40% under JFM, role of Palli Sabha, composition of members of Executive Body of Vana Surakshya samiti etc.

::  JFM Resolution 2011 Gazette

::  JFM Resolution 2008