State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management & Planning Authority (Campa) – Odisha

CAMPA APO 2020-21

As per Hon'ble Supreme Court's Order dated 10th July 2009 the State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management &Planning Authority (CAMPA), Odisha was constituted vide Notification No. 13995/F & E dated 14.08.2009 with an objective of Conservation, Protection, Regeneration and Management of existing natural forests, Wildlife and their habitats and raising Site Specific Compensatory Afforestation, Penal Compensatory Afforestation etc. with utilization of funds deposited in Adhoc CAMPA towards Net Present Value of Diversion of Forest Land for Non-Forestry purposes under Forest Conservation Act, 1980.

  • The state CAMPA has so far formulated ten Annual Plans of Operations (APOs) so far starting with APO 2009-10. The last one is APO 2020-21 which is being implemented from Apr 2020.
  • Since inception of State CAMPA in 2009, nine numbers of APOs have been implemented in utilizing Rs.3038.17 Crore against receipt fund of Rs.2644.15 Crore from Adhoc CAMPA and Rs 600 Crore from State Budget upto APO 2019-20 and Rs. 803 Crore during APO 2020-21.
  • Further, a total sum of Rs.5933.98 Crore has been received from National authority and kept in RBI to meet the expenses against forthcoming APOs.

Achievement up to APO 2019-20

Afforestation Activities

The following interventions under various afforestation components have been achieved.

  • Regeneration of Degraded Bamboo Forests over 70,950 hectare.
  • Creation of ANR over 20,400 hectare.
  • Block plantation over 2000 hectare.
  • Bamboo Plantation over 2000 hectare.
  • Avenue plantation over 76 RKM.
  • 2nd Year maintenance of ANR over 84930 hectare.
  • 4th year maintenance of ANR over 93121 hectare.
  • 4th year maintenance of Bamboo Plantation over 10088 hectare
  • 2nd year maintenance of bald hill over 1000 hectare.
  • 4th year maintenance of bald hill over 1000 hectare.
  • Site specific Compensatory Afforestation (CA), Penal Compensatory Afforestation (PCA) etc include 526.64 hectare of block plantation, 2689 heactre of ANR, 314.73 hectr bald hill, 1.5 time safety zone, 10 time tree plantation, SMC etc. Block 20.79, ANR 1661.56, Baldhill 155.75 and left over Comensatory Afforestation ANR 4.48, ANR without gap 93.17, Canal bank plantation 31.1 RKM.

Infrastructure Development

The following activities have been taken up under this component. They are :

  • Construction of 30 Range Officer's Quarters, 75 Forester's Quarters &200 Forest Guard's Quarters.
  • Construction of 137 Culverts, 1520 Causeways,
  • Maintenance of 1000 KM Forest Road.

Highlights for APO 2020-21

The CAMPA Annual Plan of Operation 2020-21 has been implemented since Apr 2020 with financial outlay of Rs.803.61 crore which has been approved by the State Level Steering Committee in the meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief secretary, Odisha.

Afforestation Activities

  • Regeneration of Degraded Bamboo Forests over 75000 hectare
  • Creation of ANR over 40000 Hectare
  • Creation of AR over 1500 Hectare
  • Creation of Bamboo Plantation over @ 400 plants in 1000 Ha.
  • Baldhill 1000 Ha.
  • SMC work 6650 Ha.
  • 2nd year maintenance of Bamboo plant 1930 Ha.
  • 2nd year Maintenance of AR over 2000 hectare
  • 2nd Year Maintenance of ANR over 20100 Hectare
  • 3rd year Maintenance of ANR over 85430 hectare
  • 3rd Year Maintenance of Bald Hill over 1,000 Hectare
  • 2nd year maintenance of Avenue plantation over 76 RKM

Forest Protection & Prevention of Forest fire

  • Deployment of 216 firefighting squads in 37 Forest Divisions
  • Deployment of 2270 rural unemployed youth for protection duty.
  • 282 vehicles provided for protection duties.

Infrastructure Development

  • Infrastructure and logistic arrangement in 282 No.s of Forest Ranges.
  • Construction of 93 numbers of Culverts & Causeways
  • Repair and maintenance of 1000 KM Forest road.
  • Maintenance of 39 permanent and mega nursery.
  • Tube well 132 Nos.
  • 35 Range Officer's residence, 100Forester's quarters and 200 forest Guard's quarters.
  • Boundry wall 15000 RMT.

Special Project

  • Creation of Orchidarium 1 site.
  • Creation of Miyawaki Plnt. 4 hectare.
  • Protection & conservation of pure strand & RET species 799 Ha.

Wildlife Management

  • Management of Wildlife (Rs.156.42 cr) in Protected Areas including protection activities, Anti depredation activities, Communication, Habitat improvement, Infrastructure development, Zoo management & Implementation of Elephant Train Collision Mitigation Plan.
  • Preparation of comprehensive Wildlife Management Plan for the state.
  • Implementation of site specific Wildlife Conservation Plan.
  • Relocation of families from Similipal & Satkosia Tiger Reserve.

Other Programme

  • Ama Jangal Yojana (Rs.72.00 Crore): Strengthening of VSS & preparation of Micro Plan for taking up ANR & Block Plantation.
  • Maintenance of Research garden & other research activities like Adaptive Research / Tree Improvement Programmes/Production of QPM.
  • Construction of "State Forest Academy".

Monitoring Mechanism (e- Green Watch)

Web based monitoring portal 'e-Green Watch' has been launched for monitoring and evaluation of all activities taken up under CAMPA in the state. The process of uploading the geo-references of all activities undertaken in the portal and monitored/evaluated by Forest Survey of India (FSI) & National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Compensatory Afforestation

Compensatory afforestation is taken up against forest land diverted for non-forestry activities in accordance with the stipulation laid down in the diversion proposal approval.