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Forest Management


The State of Odisha is endowed with vast stretches of forests of various types such as Tropical semi-evergreen, Tropical dry deciduous, Tropical most deciduous, littoral and swamp forests. Out of 1,55,707 Sq. Kms of geographical area of the State; the recorded forest area stands at 61,204 Sq. kms, which constitute 39.31% of the total geographical area. The total forest cover in the State is 51,345 Sq. kms as per the FSI Report, 2017 which is 32.98% of the total geographical area. The forests of the State are organized and administered by 37 Territorial Divisions and 13 Wildlife Divisions. Due to population explosion, the forest and Wildlife of our State have been subjected to serious threats resulting in large scale illicit felling and poaching. The main role of Forest Department is to protect forest/wildlife and conserve bio-diversity from the biotic interferences like, encroachment, illicit felling of trees, poaching and fire hazards with active participation of forest communities.