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The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) Odisha was constituted vide Notification No. 13995/F&E dated 14.08.2009 with an objective of Conservation, Protection, Regeneration and Management of existing natural forests, Wildlife and their habitat and raising Site Specific compensatory Afforestation, Penal compensatory Afforestation etc.

The state CAMPA has so far formulated six Annual Plans of Operation (APO) and two additional APO 2011-12 and Additional APO 2013-14 so far starting with APO 2009-10. The last in this series is APO 2014-15 which is being implemented from July-2015. Addl. APO 2013-14 is being implemented from January 2015,  APO 2015-16 will be implemented from July-2016, and APO 2016-17 which is being implemented from july 2017.

APO wise receipt of fund and utilization is indicated below;

APO Receipt(In Crores) Utilization (In Crores) % of Expenditure
2009-10 131.0618 124.1193 95
2010-11 140.18 88.721 63
2011-12 169.89 120.2389 71

6.20 -- --
2012-13 205.82 171.85 83.50
2013-14 180.00 230.95 128.30 (un spent funds from previous APOs)
2014-15 322.00 278.00 86.33 (The APO is under progress)
TOTAL 1155.1471    
  • The Major Components of CAMPA APOs for 2010-11 and 2011-12;
    • Compensatory Afforestation (CA)
    • Conservation, Regeneration and Management of Natural Forest (CRM)
    • Forest Protection (Protection)
    • Infrastructure Development (Infrastructure)
    • Wildlife Management (WL)
    • Capacity Building
  • CAMPA APO for 2011-12 for wildlife Organization

    An amount of Rs.20.00 Crore has been allotted under State CAMPA, Odisha in favour of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden, Odisha for implementation of the Annual Plan Operations 2011-12.

  • Outlays for APO 2012-13
    Components Outlay
    Compensatory Afforestation 5.22
    Conservation, Regeneration and Management of Natural Forests 68.66
    Forest Protection 20.41
    Infrastructure Development 83.27
    Wildlife Management 60.13
    Capacity Building and Other 56.71
    Total 294.39

Activities undertaken by Wildlife Organization under CAMPA-2012-13 are given below;

  • Protection
  • Ante-depredation Activities
  • Communication
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Habitat Improvement
  • Management of Protected Areas and Zoos and endangered species
  • Eco-development Programme
  • Capacity building
  • Implementation of the Site Specific Wildlife Conservation plan.

Major activities taken up under CAMPA APO 2014-15 (Under taken in Current year 2015-16):

1. Compensatory Afforestation

  • Creation of 1002.53 Ha. Block Plantation, 9739.07 Ha of RDF Plantation.
  • Maintenance of Plantations raised under APO 2012-13 &2013-14.
  • Preliminary operation to take up Block Plantation over 500 ha and 4000 ha RDF during APO 2014-15.
  • Other ancillary activities to be carried out for 2015-16 plantation.

2. Conservation, Regeneration & Management of Natural Forests

  • Regeneration of 1, 00,000 ha of Degraded Bamboo Forests.
  • Bamboo Plantation over 100000 ha.
  • Subsidiary Silvicultural Operation in Tmber Coupes worked during 2013-14 over 93800 ha
  • Subsidiary Silvicultural Operation in Tmber Coupes worked during 2014-15 over 101000 ha
  • Aided natural Regeneration (planting) over 51000 ha.
  • Third year of Maintenance of 933 ha of Bald Hill plantation
  • Preplanting Operation of Bald Hill Plantation over 1000 ha.
  • Raising of nursery for Aided Natural Regeneration for 100000 ha.
  • Carrying forwarded the plantation taken up under 13th Finance Grant Commission over 5500 ha.

3. Forest Protection

  • Deployment of Forest Protection squad at 32 vulnerable theft prone locations.
  • Maintenance of Control Room at Division Headquarters and Circle Headquarters.
  • Deployment of 1950 Para Forest Staff at Range, Section & Beats.
  • Maintenance of Forest Checking Stations.

4. Forest Fire Prevention & Control

  • Deployment of 216 Firefighting Squads in 37 Territorial Divisions.
  • Maintenance of 18500 Kms Fire line.
  • Procurement of firefighting equipments in 104 unit.

5. Infrastructure

  • Managerial & Logistic arrangement for 212 Ranges (not provided with vehicle)
  • Managerial & Logistic arrangement for 70 Ranges ( provided with vehicle)
  • Strengthening of training infrastructure
  • Establishment of Mega Nursery in 15 Divisions Up-gradation of permanent/Central Nursery in 24 Divisions
  • One new Mega Nursery in Gh. South Division
  • Establishment of One Nursery training Centre in Gh. North Division to Provide facilities for demonstration of nursery raising techniques to the Forest Guards &            Foresters
  • Working Plan preparation, field exercise and printing
  • Electricity connection to newly created central/ permanent nurseries, office buildings & residential complexes in 7 divisions.

6. Wildlife Management

  • Protection of Wildlife Habitat
  • Anti-depredation activities.
  • Strengthening Communication
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Habitat Improvement & Fire Control
  • Management of Protected Areas & Zoos.
  • Research Activities.
  • Implementation of Site Specific wildlife Management Plans.
  • Implementation of Regional Wildlife Management Plan

7.  The total outlay of APO 2014-15 is rs.429.58 cr., out of which Rs.322.00 cr. has been received from Ad-hoc CAMPA and balance funds of Rs.107.58 cr. has been carried over from previous APOs. The expenditure as on November, 2015 is around Rs.80.00 cr.

8. The CAMPA APO 2015-16 have been approved by State level Executive Committee meeting held on 22.12.2015. The activities with a financial outlay of Rs.511.61 Cr to be undertaken     during 2016-17 as in the table below.


Physical Target

   Outlay of

APO 2014-15 (Rs. in crore)

Implementation of CA, PCA

Creation of Block Plantation 1537.73 Ha. & ANR 3301.28 Ha. etc.


CRM of Natural Forests

Regeneration of Degraded Bamboo - 200000

2nd year Bamboo plantation 14256 ha. ANR 46000 Ha.(2nd year maint), ANR Plantation 100000 ha 4th year Maint Bald Hill 933 Ha. , P.O. for Bald Hill 1000 ha, Ama Jangal Yojana,Sacred groves for 300 site and Unatachulla


Forest Protection

32 Forest Protection squad in Vulnerable sites in 24 divisions


Wildlife Management

Regional wildlife management of plan, Anti-depredation activities, Strengthening Communication, Improvement of habitat. Infrastructure Development, Management of Zoo, Implementation of elephant mitigation plan. Research Activities. Strengthening of Crime cell, elephant cell etc.


Infrastructure Development

Recurring expenditure and completion of incomplete work of Mega Nursery and Permanent Nursery


Maintenance of Research garden and other research activities,

Adaptive research, Tree Improvement programme and Maintenance & miscellaneous Expenditure


Strengthening of GIS Cell







9. Monitoring Mechanism

Web based monitoring portal “e-green watch” has been lunched for monitoring and evaluation of all activities undertaken out of CAMPA funds in the state. Each and every activity covered under Annual Plan of Operation are required to be geo-referenced and uploaded on the portal for their monitoring and evaluation by FSI & NIC. All the CAMPA activities undertaken during the previous years have been uploaded on the web based portal "e-Green Watch". A web enabled CAMPA tracker has been developed for monitoring and auto generation of physical and financial outlay. The activities undertaken are required to be monitored either by independent evaluator or by third party.