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Net Present Value

In accordance with the directives of the Supreme Court, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India issued circular for realization, from user agency, of net present value (NPV) of any forest area diverted for non-forestry purpose. Further the NPV rate per hectare of forest area diverted has been fixed based on the crown density and ecological class of the forest so diverted. Under special permission from the Honble Supreme Court in unavoidable circumstances, forest land from Protected areas such as National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries can be diverted for non-forestry purpose with the payment of ten times and five times the NPV respectively applicable for such areas of equivalent ecological importance and canopy density. The money so realized is deposited in to the account of 'Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management & Planning Authority'. The funds are to be utilized for conservation & development of forests and creation of other supporting infrastructure facilities. In the mean time state 'CAMPA' has been constituted with responsibility of preparation and implementation of Annual Action Plan in accordance with the guidelines framed by 'CAMPA'.

Till the end of March 2016, Rs. 5407 Cr has been deposited with Adhoc'CAMPA'.